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El tiempo es un regalo. Aprovechémoslo al máximo. Dissent confecciona calcetines para los grandes días en la montaña. No fancy patterns or pictures, just a relentless focus on the details.Because your time outside is finite and it matters.
GFX Socks

La línea GFX de Dissent no tiene igual. Un ajuste perfecto, la mejor confección de su clase, un uso cuidadoso de los materiales y un enfoque implacable en los detalles son la base de unos pies felices. Los GFX son tus calcetines de esquí de alto rendimiento, pensados para los días de alto rendimiento y alta intensidad, que ofrecen consistencia y un confort crítico durante todo el día. Los calcetines Dissent están diseñados con un propósito singular: mejores días en la montaña.

Embrace The outdoor
IQ Fit Socks

Harnessing decades of imputed construction knowledge, IQ Fit is collaborative innovation that elevates comfort to new levels in a high performance merino wool sock. The challenge: retain the unmistakable Dissent fit and performance, while simultaneously developing an easy to use chassis. The result: an EZ-ON sock that feels simultaneously supportive and powerful, retains its fit through any condition, but yet feels incredibly comfortable beyond all reason.

"This is why dissent socks matter. This is why we're here"
"This is why dissent socks matter. This is why we're here"
"This is why dissent socks matter. This is why we're here"
IQ Comfort Socks

Unparalleled softness, temperature regulation, moisture management, and inhibition of odor, the proprietary Dissent Merino-TENCEL™ blend is immediately comfortable, and keeps working all day long, in all conditions. Certified as Carbon Neutral using efficient production methods and renewable energy sources, the building blocks of TENCEL™ Lyocell yarns are derived from sustainably managed eucalyptus forests using non-toxic and water-efficient processing. Combined with the performance and thermoregulating benefits of Merino yarn, the baseline for Dissent's IQ Comfort line has no equal.

Nordic Socks

Inspired by our elite team of Nordic athletes and their incredible attention to detail, our GFX and IQ Fit constructions are tuned to deliver true innovation for every level of cross-country skiing. Immediate improvements in stability, control, foot and leg fatigue, boot feel, and optimized temperature regulation is the result. These are the easiest performance and comfort upgrades you will find this winter season. No more hotspots or blisters. We guarantee it.


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dis·sent /dəˈsent/
\verb\    -   to take an opposing view; to differ in opinion from the majority.