Why are women cold?


Ladies, there’s no shame of sleeping with woollen socks when you’re cold in winter, is there?

Even if this is the exact same night when your beloved one only needs to wear a simple tee-shirt as pyjamas... It is time to break a great taboo and understand why women are more chilly than men!

How is the cold felt?

Why the cold is felt “colder"" than what the thermometer says? The temperature you feel is not measured in degrees and it’s important to understand the subtlety of cold. The ‘wind chill factor” means that the body reacts to the icy wind. Every one can have a different sensation as far as cold is concerned. In short, if you are tired, badly covered or you are dehydrated, the risk of being cold is much higher, especially if the wind is blowing!

Why do women have their hands and feet so cold?

If women’s hands and feet are colder than men’s, it’s only because of a vasoconstriction process. What’s that? When it’s cold, blood circulation prefers to go to our vital organs rather than remains at the body’s ends. As a result, your feet and hands have less blood and become colder very fast. In addition, this occurs more rapidly in women’s bodies. Also, as muscle mass produces heat and as women have less of that, this explains why they need to invest in a wardrobe! #cashmereplease

I'm a woman and I'm cold!

If women are more sensitive to cold, hormones actually have to do with it. Women have a female hormone called oestrogen, and it regulates the peripheral blood vessels. This makes women more sensitive to temperature variations. According to their menstrual cycle, women do not experience cold the same way. It is thanks to this hormone that they protect their foetus from the cold when they’re pregnant.

Raynaud's syndrome

Sometimes, vasoconstriction is such that it leads to pathologies, like for example, the Raynaud's syndrome. This syndrome concerns women more than men. When it’s very cold, the whole body suffers. If a woman gets the Raynaud's syndrome, her blood arteries are tightened and as a result, the blood circulation is affected. The extremities may become white and cold for a few minutes. Then, they turn blue… This is painful and there is no treatment for this disease. However, heating socks or heating gloves can greatly release the pain!


Ladies, don’t hesitate to wear a comfortable pair of woollen socks when you’re cold, you have now a wonderful excuse: you’re a woman and that’s the way it is!

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