What to pack for your spring hike

At Therm-ic, we can't necessarily tell you the answer to ""Where can I go hiking in spring?"" ». Even if our team of enthusiasts would certainly have a few ideas they could help you with if it comes to ""What walks to, do in April, May and June?"" », because that's how we spend our holidays and weekends: walking the trails or trekking the GR!

However, at Therm-ic, as experts in thermoregulation., we can help you choose the best possible equipment. For almost 30 years we have been applying our expertise, to the design of breathable equipment, that is comfortable and high-performance, so that you can make the most of your time in the countryside in the mountains or elsewhere.

Gloves, socks, neck warmer, heated jacket... Look no further, This is where you'll find the equipment you need, for the unique conditions of spring, hiking, ranging from sun to rain and dry to wet!

How do you choose the best equipment for your spring hikes or treks? Here's our selection!

""Gloves, socks, neck warmer, heated jacket: how to choose the best equipment for your spring hikes or treks? Here's our selection! »


How to dress for a spring trek What equipment do I need for an April, May or June trek? This is a real dilemma for nature and adventure lovers. For almost 30 years in spring - whether in the Alps the Pyrenees the Vosges and, the Jura in Brittany, or on the seaside customs trails - the conditions are extremely changeable. So what equipment should you choose when it can turn hot and cold in the same day?, When you might get sunshine and rain in the same hour, or even wet and dry conditions in the same half-hour? The answer is simple: wear reliable lightweight, breathable, technical clothing designed for both comfort and performance.

Thermoregulation, i.e. the management, of body temperature is something Therm-ic, has been doing expertly for nearly 30 years. So - without targeting the hiking essentials such as shoes trousers rucksacks and poles - we set ourselves the task of designing ultra-high-performance products for the extremities or parts of the body that are often neglected: hands feet the neck the back of the neck and the chest...

That's why we're now delivering the highest level of performance in these products, which you might forget are absolutely fundamental to the best hikes which you can enjoy fully:

- Thin, lightweight gloves
- Hiking socks
- Heated jacket
- Neck warmers

""Choose reliable lightweight, breathable, technical clothing for both comfort and performance!"" »

What type of hiking boots should I choose for spring?

How do you choose the right hiking socks for spring? Or how do you know if a sock is suitable for spring treks? The answer is simple: the sock has to meet a number of specific requirements. They must:

- Be thin and light so that you don't feel like you're wearing them, and, above all they must not wrinkle inside your hiking boots.
- Be fully breathable to wick away moisture from rain or perspiration.
- Have anti-blistering properties.
- Be designed with an anatomical construction for better foot support possibly with mild compression, to reduce muscle fatigue.
- Feature strategically located reinforcements - under the heel, on the toes or malleolus - to avoid foot pain or black toenails caused by repetitive movements and shocks.
- Have the most eco-friendly and sustainable composition possible. Our vision is to make reliable hard-wearing products that respect the planet.

With this in mind we have three standout products: the Outdoor Ultracool Ankle hiking sock., a lightweight, fine, and breathable technological gem that stands out for its coolness its Pure-ic biosourced fibre composition and channels that provide ventilation by wicking away moisture; the Trekking Cool hiking sock., which has a slightly warmer fabric, that is ideally suited to milder conditions, between 5 and 20°C, and is made from Tencel a 100% eco-friendly yarn derived from eucalyptus pulp that is highly breathable; and, last but not least, the Trekking Cool Light hiking sock, which is also mid-high, and rendered extremely versatile due to its hybrid composition of Pure-ic and Tencel.

These three models of hiking socks are available for both men and women, in various unusual, colours, for a natural and/or elegant look.

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""A lightweight, fine, and breathable marvel that stands out for its coolness its composition of Pure-ic biosourced fibre and channels that provide ventilation by wicking away moisture.""


Just like feet hands can sometimes be neglected by hikers, especially in spring, since you might be forgiven for thinking, that up in the heights, you'll be, nice and warm. But don't be fooled! In April, May and June - in the mountains, conditions can quickly become cold and wet. Your body's natural, thermoregulatory mechanism, will then send blood to warm up the parts it considers, vital in the torso leaving the hands and feet cold. That's how you get the feeling of frozen or numb fingers or even Raynaud's syndrome.

To avoid this, we have developed extremely versatile gloves, that are suitable for all situations: sports, with lots of exertion; or in the city, for everyday wear.

These gloves which have been acclaimed by the world's greatest champions as well as more recreational sportspeople feature, a blend of technical features. They have all the qualities of the ideal gloves for spring hiking. They are:

- Lightweight and breathable, for extremely efficient wicking of perspiration.
- Equipped with an optimal grip,thanks to a non-slip silicone palm for exceptional grip, even in wet conditions.
- Designed to be streamlined - simplicity efficiency and elegance - for a secure, comfortable fit.
- They feature a nose-wiper. A small detail, but that makes a big difference.

These gloves for spring hikes come in two versions: the Active Light Tech Gloves which, as their name suggests, have touchscreen compatibility; and the Active Light Gloves, which are more classic, for all sportspeople

These gloves are thin enough to be worn as under-gloves, especially under the waterproof Weather Shield Cover gloves that will keep your hands warm, and dry, in the rain and in the wind.

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""These gloves, which have been acclaimed by the world's greatest champions as well as more casual sportspeople are a blend of technical expertise, performance and comfort.


Because neck warmers, also known as neck wraps, are a sports accessory with infinite potential.
In fact, this small rectangular piece of fabric, weighing just a few grams and costing just a few euros, is capable of great things, even miracles! Our athletes professional mountaineers and adventurers are unanimous: they don't enter competitions or go on expeditions without a neck warmer. Why? Because a neck warmer protects you from the cold as well as the heat. It is a formidable defence against the snow and the sun, and can also take on a multitude of roles and functions:, the versatile neck wrap can be used as a bandana a wrist wiper a scarf, a shemagh a hat, etc. In fact, check out all the things you can do with a neck warmer in the article dedicated to this topic.

What we look for in a neck warmer, and which you will find in the three models we've selected, for your spring hikes, :

- Breathability., i.e., the neck warmer's ability to manage moisture
- Thermal insulation: or the ability of the neck warmer to maintain the body at its ideal temperature of 37°C, whatever the external conditions, even if it's hot or cold
- Technicity: because we believe it's essential to make lightweight, innovative products when you have over 50 years' experience in thermoregulation
- A soft feel: for maximum comfort, and so you can forget it's there
- Eco-responsibility: because we think about the design of our products in a sustainable way., through the use of recycled fibres. So, all our neckwraps are labelled Ecotech.

The first one we've chosen is the 'Cool Light' neck warmer., recognised for its breathability thanks to its recycled polyester fibres its elasticity its lightness (150g) and its UV protection index (SPF 50); the second, the 'Cool Ultra Light' neck warmer, highly acclaimed for its breathability, its fast drying and, and, above all its extreme lightness (130g); and last but not least, the 'Temperate Ultra Light' neck warmer, Its softness to the touch makes it extremely comfortable to wear, and its excellent thermal insulation properties keep heat in without turning it into moisture.

These three neck warmers are available for both male and female hikers., in a range of colours you can discover here:

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""This little rectangular piece of fabric that weighs just a few grams and costs just a few euros is capable of great things.""


The answer is simple and unquestionable: our ultra-versatile heated jacket. In fact, this sleeveless warm-up puffer jacket helps you kiss goodbye to the cold no matter what the sport or the location. Elegant discreet and very easy to use this heated jacket will become your go-to for your hikes in April May and June. Why? Because it will warm you up in just a few minutes, at a time when temperatures fluctuate rapidly between hot and cool.

Our heated jacket is a classic. A bestseller. A timeless piece which is popular because of its versatility performance and practicality.

What makes it so great?

- A fast, even heating system, that provides warmth for your whole body, not just certain localised areas, with 5 heating elements cleverly distributed across the whole of the back stomach and pockets.
- Record battery life of up to 10 hours of heat thanks to batteries you won't notice.
- The ease of use., because this heated jacket is connected: you can easily regulate the heating intensity via a smartphone app.
- Its compactness and lightness, which makes it extremely versatile and practical.

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""It warms you up in just a few minutes, at a time when temperatures fluctuate rapidly between hot and cool.

Socks, gloves, neck warmer, heated jacket... Now you're all set for your spring hike! All that's missing is one last product that comes into its own once you've tried it out: our shoe-dryer., also available as a glove dryer! The ideal way to keep your feet and hands warm in cold, wet weather! Trust our team of enthusiasts - the ones who spend their weekends on the hiking trails - this shoe dryer will save the day in a whole host of circumstances.