How do I choose the right glove size for me?

It's important to choose gloves that are the right size and that meet your needs. Gloves that are too tight can restrict your movements and make your hands feel the cold. Your gloves should be comfortable, with room for a thin layer of air between your hands can breathe. So to choose your size, it's vital to follow our guide bellow :

First measure the length of your middle finger :

Have a tape-measure ready to find out the lenght of your middle finger. Measure from the top of the finger to the crease at the bottom of it.
A little tip: if you don't have a tape-measure, you can use a shoe-lace for measuring, which you then hold against a ruler.


Then measure your hand from the middle finger to the first crease in your wrist :

Do the same way as above : start from the top of your middle finger and measure down to the crease in your wrist.

Go to the tables below :

After you have taken these two mesurements with those shown in the various tables below: 

 See gloves 

If you are not sure about anything, don't hesitate to contact us; we will be delighted to help. Now you have no excuse for not covering up your hands; remember to protect them so that you can really enjoy your cold-weather activities.