Can I wash the heatable products?

Heated socks:

  • Remove the battery from the sock before washing 
  • Turn the sock inside out before washing
  • Do not use bleach nor fabric softener
  • Washable up to 30 °C only
  • Do not tumble dry, do not iron


  • Do not machine wash
  • The drying temperature must not exceed 40 °C
  • Do not tumble dry or on a radiator
  • For optimal drying use the Therm-ic Dryer or Refresher

Heated Vest:

  • Remove the battery from the pocket before washing
  • Put the cap back on the USB cable
  • Washable up to 30 °C only
  • Do not use bleach nor fabric softener
  • Do not tumble dry, do not iron

Where is the heating element in the products ?

Chaussettes chauffantes et semelles :

L'élément chauffant se trouve uniquement sous l'avant pied. La position de l'élément chauffant sous l'avant pied permet de réchauffer en premier la zone la plus froide du corps : les extrémités. La chaleur se diffusera ensuite dans le reste du pied et le long du mollet.

Vestes chauffantes :

Il y a 5 éléments chauffants, 1 dans chaque poches, 2 en bas du dos et 1 dernier en haut du dos.

Gants chauffants :

POWERGLOVES MEN/WOMEN/LEATHER - POWERGLOVES MITTENS : les éléments chauffants sont sous chaque doigts y compris le pouce.
ULTRA HEAT GLOVES MEN/WOMEN - ULTRA HEAT MITTENS MEN/WOMEN : les éléments chauffants sous autour de chaque doigts, y compris le pouce pour une diffusion de chaleur à 360°.

Je veux connaitre ma taille de gants/chaussettes/chaussons/semelles/vestes

Vous pouvez connaitre votre taille de gants ICI

Vous pouvez connaitre votre taille de chaussettes et semelles ICI

I have HEAT 3D heated insoles, how do I cut them?

• Remove the old insole from the shoe

• Cut the HEAT 3D to the desired dimensions in the marked places. Be careful not to cut the power cord and the heating element in the area under the forefoot.

• Place the HEAT 3D insole in the shoe.

• Raise the power cord at the heel, along the calf.

• Connect the power cord to the Therm-ic C-PACK batteries.

What is the autonomy of my batteries and how long do they take to charge?
LEVEL 1 : LowLevel 2 : MediumLevel 3 : HighCharging time
S-Pack 700 & 700B6-8 hours4-5 hours1h45-2h15 hours3-4 hours
S-Pack 120012-14 hours5h30-7h30 hours3h45-4h15 hours4-6 hours
S-Pack 1400B14-16 hours6-8 hours4h30-5 hours5-7 hours
C-Pack 1300&1300B11-13 hours5-7 hours3-4 hours5-7 hours
C-Pack 1700B15-17 hours7-9 hours4-5 hours7-9 hours
Powergloves8-10 hours4-5 hours2-2h30 hours4-6 heures hours

Can I use a socks/insoles/gloves/vests battery for another product?

The batteries of the different products are not compatible with each other. That is to say that the batteries of socks do not fit on the insoles or gloves and vice versa.

Can I connect my USB charging cable to all adapters?

You can connect your charging cable to a transformer that does not exceed 5 volts. Beyond this power, damage can be caused to the batteries.

How should I store my Lithium batteries?

To maximize battery life, we recommend that you store them in a cool place (5 °C / 41 °F to 20 °C / 68 °F) after having charged them to half capacity. The batteries must be stored after having been switched off (display of heating stage off (1.2)) and disconnected from the heated insole and charger. During prolonged storage, the C-Packs must be discharged and then half charged at least once every 6 months. Thus, the batteries maintain their maximum performance for several years! If necessary, clean the parts with a soft, slightly damp cloth and a mild cleaner.

Are my old batteries compatible with the new ones?

Old batteries with the 4 pin connection plug are not compatible with the new products.

In addition, the old IC950, IC1200, RC1200, Supermax Powerpack and Powerpack Basic batteries are not compatible with the new insoles.

Why does my battery blink every 3 seconds when I’m not touching the button?

Your battery does not go back to level one of heating after a few seconds, it is the "Lock" mode which starts after 10 seconds without touching the button to preserve the battery and to avoid pressing the button without realizing. The chosen level is always active and the LED flashes every 3 seconds. To exit the "LOCK" mode simply press the button.

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