Second life

Discover our Second Life products. All our products are tested, controlled, certified and refurbished by our teams. They are then repackaged in natural linen bags. The products are evaluated according to 3 grades: Good condition /Very good condition / Like new. To find out more about second-hand products click here.

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Second life

Second life

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Discover our range of reconditioned products Therm-ic. It is with a responsible aim that Therm-ic is committed and offers you its range of second-hand products. Every year some Therm-ic products do not find a buyer or are simply returned by our customers. These second-hand or sometimes new products are tested, certified and evaluated by our teams. Therm-ic offers you to buy these products such as: heated gloves or batteries at a reduced price in order to limit the loss and the waste. Our products are evaluated by our teams according to 3 grades: Good condition, Very good condition or Like new. Each grade corresponds to the year of manufacture of the product and its general condition.

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