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Thermal Insulation technology is the promise of comfortable, insulated products, all designed to retain body heat and create a barrier against the cold. An essential component of this technology is the choice of materials which are soft, comfortable, warm and insulating for total well-being during your outdoor activities.

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Warmer Ready

Therm-ic has created the smallest and handiest warmer on the market for easy insertion into products... Providing warmth to the tips of your fingers and toes! These innovative products come with a special pouch to hold the warmer. Browse the Warmer Ready mittens and socks. Available in a range of sizes and colours, there's something for the whole family.

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Powered Heat

Premium products with up to 29 hours of heat are now a reality with the new range of heated products. Our everexpanding range includes socks, gloves and insoles. The new technology consists of a single button to adjust the heat setting. and a new USB charger for a longer life.

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