Trekking Temperate Cushion Crew Unisex

High hiking sock

Trekking Temperate Cushion Crew is a lightweight, tall hiking sock. They combine silky soft merino wool, Pure-IC and high-tech wicking yarns with an innovative structure to provide perfect moisture management and comfort. Suitable for moderate temperatures (-5°C to 10°C).

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Product benefits

Trekking Temperate Cushion Crew: The innovative hiking sock.

For your hikes in temperate weather conditions (from -5°C to 10°C), choose this innovative pair of trekking socks.


Merinos wool

A temperature regulator, merino wool is comfortable and absorbent. It can absorb up to 33% of its own weight in moisture. These socks also incorporate CoolmaxTM yarn, a cooling fibre created from textile waste, and Pure-Ic organic yarn made from castor beans, which is incredibly light, stretchy and quick drying.

Their innovative Moisture-Vent technology provides ventilation and support. Moisture-Vent technology's guide layout provides a highly breathable environment. With each step, moist air is pumped from the arch to the sides, so that water vapor can escape.

Linked to the Moisture-Vent technology, the microchannel system guides warm, moist air out of the trekking boot. The smaller, more spread-out point pads allow moisture vapour to escape to regulate temperature.

Finally, these socks are worn up to mid-calf and are available in the following sizes: 35/38 - 39/41 - 42/44 - 45/47.

Pure-Ic, bio-based high-tech yarn  

Technical characteristics

  1. Anti-humidity: good temperature regulation thanks to a system of climatic micro-channels
  2. Natural insulation: thanks to merino wool
  3. Breathable: Innovative Moisture-Vent technology for well ventilated feet
  4. Pure-Ic: quick-drying, anti-odour, environmentally friendly, elastic
  5. Protections: in the Achilles tendon, heel and toe
  6. Ergonomic ribbed edge
  7. Coolmax: fibre made from textile waste


  • 44% Polyamide (of which 6% Pure-Ic)
  • 24% Polyester (Coolmax Eco Made)
  • 19% Merino wool
  • 10% Polypropylene
  • 3% Elastane

Technical details


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