Trekking Warm Crew Women

Warm, high hiking socks

These dual-colour Trekking Warm Crew socks were designed by Therm-ic to meet female-specific needs for warmth and comfort when cold weather sets in. The natural fibre of these insulated and breathable Merino wool hiking socks will give you a feeling of warm protection up to the mid-calf for all-season outdoor usage.

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Product benefits

Trekking Warm Crew women's beige grey: all-season warm hiking sock made from Merino wool.

What could be more practical than a pair of multi-use warm socks adapted to every weather condition as a result of their heat-regulating properties?

Merino wool, insulating natural fiber   

Therm-ic has worked on the design of these hiking socks taking feminine sensitivity into account. They combine elegance with essential functionality for optimal comfort. These warm socks containing natural wool are both highly insulated and extremely breathable.

Moisture-Vent technology contributes to proper sock ventilation and adds support for your feet. Combined with Moisture-Vent technology, the system of heat channels guides moisture to outside the sock.These extremely soft hiking socks will keep your feet warm and dry to the maximum!

Pure-Ic, bio-based high tech yarn   


They are available in different sizes: 35/36 - 37/38 - 39/40 - 41/42

Technical characteristics

  1. Insulated: Insulated, cushioning pads
  2. Anti moisture: Temperature regulation ensured by a system of heat channels and mini pads that guide moisture out of the shoe
  3. Natural: 38% Merino wool for softness, insulation and natural moisture management
  4. Breathable: Innovative Moisture-Vent technology provides ventilation and support. With each step, moist air is pumped from the arch to the sides so that humidity can escape.
  5. Protection: around the Achilles tendon, heel and toes
  6. Ergonomic ribbing
  7. Pure-Ic: bio-based high tech yarn 


  • 60% polyamide
  • 38% Merino wool
  • 2% elastane

Technical details 


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