Collection: Outdoor Activities

There's nothing better than being in the heart of the heart of the nature to feel good, but when the temperature drops, it can loose its appeal. The Outdoor Activites line is lightweight and resistant, and will quickly warm you up so you can make the most of your outings.
designed to provide
designed to provide
you with comfort

At Therm-ic, we're passionate about outdoor activities and adventure. Our products are designed for those who want to get away from it all, whether in the mountains, in the forest or by the sea, summer or winter. Our innovative solutions, such as lightweight, ultra-breathable hiking socks, heated gloves and heated jackets, ensure optimum comfort even in the most extreme conditions. Hikers, trail runners, mountaineers and explorers from all walks of life can rely on Therm-ic products to help them make the most of every moment. 
We believe that nature offers the most beautiful adventures and that everyone deserves to experience them without worrying about outside temperatures. Thanks to our expertise in cutting-edge technologies, we enable our customers to explore without limits. Therm-ic is your ideal partner to turn every outing into an unforgettable experience. Embrace adventure with confidence and discover new horizons with us.