How do I register myself?

To use all the functions of the online store and place orders, you must provide your email address and define a password to create a customer account. You can also log in using your Facebook account.

I've lost my password

On the login page, you can click on the link "Forgotten password?". Enter the email address you used to register on our website. You will receive your new password by email. For your security, you can then change this password in your account.

How to access my invoices / order details?

In the tab "History and details of your orders", you can consult the status of your order, your history of previous orders as well as your invoices. For your invoice, by clicking on "see invoice" you can open it and print it.

How can I recover my personal data?

At any time, you have the right to recover the data you have provided on our site. In the tab "My personal data" click on "Export my data" to automatically download a copy of your personal data in a pdf or csv file.

I want to rectify my data or delete my account? 

You have the right to modify any personal information on the "My Account" page. For any other request you may have regarding the rectification and / or deletion of your personal data, please contact us via our contact form (link). We will review your request and respond as soon as possible.

I want to receive Therm-ic news and offers

You can subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of this page.

From which country can I order?

Please refer to our shipping policy.

What are the shipping fees? 

Please refer to our shipping policy.

How can I track my order?

When your parcel leaves our warehouse, we will send you a shipping confirmation by e-mail. In this e-mail, a link will allow you to track your package online. You will be able to check the status of your order at any time on your account.

What is the delivery time?

It usually takes 2-3 business days after the confirmation of your order.

What are the different payment methods? 

Payment for the Products is by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) or PayPal.

How can I cancel my order? 

Quickly contact our customer service by phone on +33 4 76 67 71 69 or via our instant messenger or by filling in our contact form specifying as object "order".

Our opening hours: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday: 10:30 to 12:30 / 14:30 to 17:00 - Fridays: 10:30 to 12:30 / 14:30 to 16:00

What is the repayment period?

We refund products within 30 days after the date of receipt of your products on our premises. Products must be clean, unworn, unwashed and returned in their original packaging with the label and proof of purchase. 

Credit Card: refund on the account of the same credit card used at the time of payment. 

PayPal: refund on the PayPal account used at the time of payment.

Can I wash the heatable products?

Heated socks:

  • Remove the battery from the sock before washing 
  • Turn the sock inside out before washing
  • Do not use bleach nor fabric softener
  • Washable up to 30 °C only
  • Do not tumble dry, do not iron


  • Do not machine wash
  • The drying temperature must not exceed 40 °C
  • Do not tumble dry or on a radiator
  • For optimal drying use the Therm-ic Dryer or Refresher

Where is the heating element in the products?

The heating element is only under the forefoot. The position of the heating element under the forefoot allows the coldest area of ​​the body to be warmed first: the extremities. The heat will then diffuse into the rest of the foot and along the calf.

I have HEAT 3D heated insoles, how do I cut them?

• Remove the old insole from the shoe

• Cut the HEAT 3D to the desired dimensions in the marked places. Be careful not to cut the power cord and the heating element in the area under the forefoot.

• Place the HEAT 3D insole in the shoe.

• Raise the power cord at the heel, along the calf.

• Connect the power cord to the Therm-ic C-PACK batteries.

What is the autonomy of my batteries and how long do they take to charge?

LEVEL 1 : LowLevel 2 : MediumLevel 3 : HighCharging timeS-Pack 700 & 700B6-8 hours4-5 hours1h45-2h15 hours3-4 hoursS-Pack 120012-14 hours5h30-7h30 hours3h45-4h15 hours4-6 hoursS-Pack 1400B14-16 hours6-8 hours4h30-5 hours5-7 hoursC-Pack 1300&1300B11-13 hours5-7 hours3-4 hours5-7 hoursC-Pack 1700B15-17 hours7-9 hours4-5 hours7-9 hoursPowergloves8-10 hours4-5 hours2-2h30 hours4-6 heures hours

Can I use a socks / insoles / gloves battery for another product?

The batteries of the different products are not compatible with each other. That is to say that the batteries of socks do not fit on the insoles or gloves and vice versa.

How should I store my Lithium batteries?

To maximize battery life, we recommend that you store them in a cool place (5 °C / 41 °F to 20 °C / 68 °F) after having charged them to half capacity. The batteries must be stored after having been switched off (display of heating stage off (1.2)) and disconnected from the heated insole and charger. During prolonged storage, the C-Packs must be discharged and then half charged at least once every 6 months. Thus, the batteries maintain their maximum performance for several years! If necessary, clean the parts with a soft, slightly damp cloth and a mild cleaner.

Can I connect my USB charging cable to all adapters?

You can connect your charging cable to a transformer that does not exceed 5 volts. Beyond this power, damage can be caused to the batteries.

Are my old batteries compatible with the new ones?

Old batteries with the 4 pin connection plug are not compatible with the new products.

In addition, the old IC950, IC1200, RC1200, Supermax Powerpack and Powerpack Basic batteries are not compatible with the new insoles.

Why does my battery blink every 3 seconds when I’m not touching the button?

Your battery does not go back to level one of heating after a few seconds, it is the "Lock" mode which starts after 10 seconds without touching the button to preserve the battery and to avoid pressing the button without realizing. The chosen level is always active and the LED flashes every 3 seconds. To exit the "LOCK" mode simply press the button.

Are heated products compatible with Avalanche transceiver beacons?

As with all electronic devices, Thermi-ic heating products may cause your avalanche beacon to malfunction. In search mode, turn off your heating devices and do not place the beacon antenna directly on the metal battery. In send/receive mode, our products shouldn't interfere with locating your avalanche beacon. However, check before using our products that heating parts do not interfere with the transmission or reception of signals sent/received by the avalanche beacon. Please test using another avalanche beacon in search mode when your heating products are in use to ensure that they do not interfere with the send/receive mode for your avalanche beacon. If you notice a malfunction, do not use the heating products. For any question or issue that arises, please contact your distributor or the manufacturer.

Therm-ic App
Why won't the app pair with my device?

• First ensure that your devices are not already connected to another phone. 
• If your devices have been connected with another phone, you must switch them OFF and then ON to be able to connect them to a new phone. Be sure the phone used previously is not connected (close the app). 
• Be sure your phone is compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 and above, and be sure your Bluetooth is activated on the phone. 
• While switching ON the packs, fast blinking indicates that the packs are available for a new connection. Pairing mode is only available for 1min. If you miss this timeframe, switch the devices OFF and ON once more to proceed to pairing.

Is there Auto reconnection to your phone

• Yes the phone should reconnect automatically to your devices when you switch them ON if they have been previously paired.
• Be sure that Bluetooth is ON on the phone, and the App is active on the phone. 
• It may takes few seconds to reestablish the connection. 
• If no reconnection is possible, please delete products on the app and make a new pairing.

Can I reset my packs?

• Yes continuously pushing the button on the battery pack for about 15s should reset. The LED of the battery pack will flash briefly after releasing the button.

Can I upgrade the firmware of the battery pack?

• Go on Therm-ic Heat Control app, connect your devices and go click on icon on the 3rd main page of the app. You will have access to the “upgrade firmware” option. 
• If an upgrade is available, be sure your pack is half charged and don’t touch anything while updating your devices, either on the app or the battery pack. If the battery is not half charged a message will appear prompting you to recharge before continuing with the upgrade on your mobile phone. This to prevent potential problems during upgrades. 
• Be sure you have mobile data or wifi access during this upgrade, the app will access update files during the upgrading process. 
• Note that usage of data may incur extra charges from your phone data service supplier. Therm-ic is not liable for any additional charges incurred.

Is the Bluetooth connection discharging the battery?

• The Bluetooth connection consumes only a small amount of power. If the Heat is in pause mode via the app, you can keep the battery packs ON and connected to your phone. This won’t impact the heating time of the pack.

What precautions should I take on an airplane?

• Be sure to disconnect the battery from the socks or insoles. Keep always the Devices OFF during transportation

Is the app compatible with all Therm-ic heat products?

• The Therm-ic Heat Control app is compatible with all Bluetooth products in the Therm-ic Powered Heat range.

I can’t Upgrade / Download the app on my Phone

• Please check that your phone is compatible with the App. Please check the following List of mobile devices known to be compatible with the Therm-ic Heat control app 
• Check that you are connected to Wi-Fi or mobile data. Try to download the app or close the app and try to upgrade it.
• Be sure your phone is compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 and above.

Will I be notified of updates to the Therm-ic Heat Control app?

• Yes you will be notified of new updates available on your phone. Please check also the Google Play store and the App Store from time to time for new releases.

How many products can I connect to the Therm-ic Heat Control App?

• This is related to the phone you have, some allow for up to 8 connections, and others fewer.

How to close the App?

• You must close the App on the phone to end the connection with your products. When the app is in the background the connection is still active, as are eco and motion control modes.

 Is the App still active when screen is OFF? 

• All Therm-ic Heat Control features will run in the background, as long as the app remains running on the phone.

Out of range disconnection/reconnection

• If your battery packs are ON and are already paired with your phone, and if the App is active: As soon as you come within Bluetooth range, reconnection is automatically re-established.

Where the Therm-ic Heat Control App be found?

• The app is only available as a free download from the App Store or Google Play

How do I contact Therm-ic Heat Control support?

• Send an email to our support team:

Can the heat mode be set manually on a Bluetooth battery pack?

• Bluetooth battery packs will still function without the app, but you will have access to fewer heating modes. 
• Please note that the heat level status on the app will update when adjusting the heat setting manually, by using the switch on the battery packs.

Lorem ipsum ?Do I have a battery status display on the App?

• The battery voltage level is displayed on the App with the battery icon, giving the user an indication of battery status. Note that the battery display status accuracy and battery performance is impacted by very low temperatures.

Can anyone using the Therm-ic Heat Control App connect to my devices?

• Your devices are only available for a new connection when you first switch them ON and only for a period of 1min. During this time, prior to connection, the LEDs will flash red.
• When the pack is connected to the Therm-ic Heat Control App on your phone: 
1/Closing the app will cause the LEDs to flash red, indicating that the connection has been lost, but that the battery pack remains unavailable for connection with another phone. The battery packs need to switched OFF and then ON to become available for a new pairing. 
2/Moving the phone out of range of the battery packs will cause the LEDs to flash red, indicating that the connection has been lost, but that the battery packs remain unavailable for connection with another phone. The battery packs needs to switched OFF and the ON again to become available for a new pairing. 
• This prevents other users from connecting to your product.

How to remove a product from the App?

• Select the device you want to remove on the App and go to EDIT. Then push “DELETE” and confirm.

Can I immerse my battery packs into water? 

• No, battery packs are designed to be water resistant, but are not waterproof (no IPX4 protection rating).