Why and how to choose heated gloves?

Powered Heat Technology

Our heated gloves are designed for a specific mission: to bring you comfort in your practice, no matter the sport, regardless of the cold conditions. Why? Because in this comfort lies the pleasure of a beautiful day of skiing, a pleasant bike ride, a peaceful hike, or a memorable mountaineering adventure.

To ensure you never have cold hands when playing outside, we have developed a range of heated gloves where each model has its specificities, between lightness, practicality, and heating power. So you can find the most suitable heated glove: whether you want to achieve a historical feat by being the first to climb K2 in winter like our ambassador Nims Dai, or you just want to enjoy a beautiful day skiing, biking, or hiking!


At Therm-ic, we offer different models of heated gloves as the needs vary depending on the specifics of each sport. For example, in skiing, wind protection due to speed will be crucial; in mountaineering, your hands will have to face extreme cold and temperatures; whereas in cycling, it’s the humidity component related to perspiration and the practicality for handling that must be considered...


Heated gloves for skiing

The POWERGLOVES SKI LIGHT are the ideal heated gloves for all alpine skiers who often return to the chalet too early because the pleasure is no longer there, as their hands seized by the cold become painful.

They promise great comfort thanks to:

  • Their ultra-performing heating system characterized by 3 power levels to best adjust the functionality to the conditions.
  • Their unparalleled durability (up to 10 hours of heating on level 1).
  • Their soft touch due to their composition of natural and noble materials.

Thin, light, and composed of minimalist batteries, their versatility meets the need for practicality essential when you want to enjoy a day of skiing without having to take off your gloves at the slightest action. Finally, the last little detail that makes a big difference, their 10K/10K membrane has been specially designed to provide the necessary waterproofing when the heated gloves start to get wet from the snow.

For better grip and better warmth retention of the fingers, we recommend our lobster heated gloves (3+1). The 3+1 heated gloves free the index and middle fingers for better freedom of movement while the other three fingers stay together to keep warm!


Heated gloves for mountaineering

The ULTRA HEAT GLOVES are the heated gloves dedicated to mountaineering and skiing in extreme cold. These heated gloves have been developed to bring comfort where it has never gone before, beyond the boundaries of extreme cold, where having warm hands was previously impossible. Designed for adventurous mountaineers or particularly cold-sensitive skiers, as well as those suffering from Raynaud’s syndrome, these little gems concentrate all our know-how in terms of performance and softness. Praised for their practicality, so that the mountaineer can perform technical manipulations without having to take off their gloves, they stand out for their reliability and durability. This thanks to:

  • A significant reduction in the time required to fully charge their batteries.
  • A considerably increased heating power to heat faster, stronger, and longer. Up to 10 hours on level 1 intensity. Enough so that your legs give up before your hands!
  • Always 3 heating levels to best adjust the intensity of heat production to the external conditions and thus extend the battery’s efficiency.
  • An optimized air flow circulation network inside the glove to ensure that the entire hand and each finger benefit from heat, at 360°C.

Note that these are the heated gloves that accompanied Nims Dai during his historic feat on January 16, 2021. Therefore, we now assume that a heated glove that enabled the winter ascent of K2, at 8611 m, is a reliable product in all situations.

*The ULTRA HEAT GLOVES are also available as heated mittens: the ULTRA HEAT MITTENS.


Versatile heated gloves for cycling

The POWERGLOVES LIGHT+ are heated gloves designed for cycling, mountain biking, running, hiking, or paragliding in cold weather or winter. Extremely practical and lightweight, they are equipped with an ultra-performing heating system that their thinness would not suggest.

For these endurance sports, the two main challenges our R&D teams had to address are: the “perspiration” component, which generates cold-inducing humidity inside the glove, and the practicality necessary for handling or maneuvers characteristic of the different disciplines mentioned above. This through careful attention to the breathability of the materials used as well as numerous silicone reinforcements on the fingers and palms, aiming for optimal grip.

Like the POWERGLOVES SKI LIGHT and the ULTRA HEAT GLOVES, the POWERGLOVES LIGHT+ have 3 heating levels, an autonomy of up to 10 hours of efficiency, and a structure that allows heat to circulate to every corner of the glove, at 360°C around each finger.


Raynaud’s syndrome is a chronic blood circulation disorder in the extremities affecting a number of athletes. Particularly painful and disabling, it manifests as hands that become white, cold, and numb when the body is in a state of stress related to the cold.

These heated gloves are the ideal solution to allow skiers, mountaineers, runners, hikers, or cyclists who have lost the pleasure of practicing their passion to say goodbye to the cold that seizes their hands. And to rediscover their former innocence. When this sensitivity to negative temperatures had not yet set in.


Gloves or mittens? There are two schools of thought. So