Thermoregulation at the heart of our products. There are three levels of warmth to meet all kinds of needs. We have divided the products into three categories according to their warmth or insulation: Warm, Extra Warm and Ultra Warm.


The products in the WARM range are insulating and warm. They will protect you from the cold, provide an insulating layer and comfort all day long. The choice of materials is essential for this technology: they are soft, comfortable, warm and insulating for optimum well-being during your outdoor activities.

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Extra Warm

The products in the EXTRA WARM range are designed to bring warmth to even the coldest of you. The products in the range are made from the warmest natural or synthetic fibres to retain body heat and provide continuous insulation against the cold.

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Ultra Warm

Top-of-the-range products offering up to 29 hours of heat... it's all possible thanks to the new range of heated products.

ULTRA WARM products are the hottest, with built-in heating elements that are directly connected to the Therm-ic batteries. These heated products can provide up to 16 hours of warmth. Some products (marked B) have Bluetooth functionality and can be controlled via the Therm-ic app directly from a smartphone. This is the most effective solution for combating the cold and for people who are the most sensitive to the cold.

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