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Bundle - heated insoles Heat Flat + C-Pack 1300B batteries

Heated insoles + Bluetooth battery pack


Insoles + batteries

Up to 13 hours of heat


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Heat Flat insole pack + 1 pair of C-Pack 1300 Bluetooth batteries. Up to 13 hours of heat to keep your feet warm.

SKU : T44-0201-200

Very thin Heat Flat insole, easily cut to fit your shoe size. High quality heating elements to keep your feet warm. Fits into all snow boots and ski boots.

  • Ultra thin heating elements
  • Even and optimal foot temperature
  • Easy to cut and insert into the boot
  • Fits all boots
  • Only works with Therm-ic C-PACK batteries

The C-Pack 1300 B batteries are equipped with Bluetooth technology, so you can control the power of your heat remotely via your smartphone.

  • Up to 13 hours of heat
  • Made up of a single button for adjustment
  • Pack includes a USB charger
  • Mains charger not included

Instructions for use :

  • Remove the old sole from the shoe
  • Cut the HEAT FLAT to the desired size (sizes 36-48) at the marked places. Be careful not to cut the power cord and the heating element in the area under the forefoot.
  • Place the HEAT FLAT insole in the shoe
  • Run the power cord up the heel along the calf
  • Connect the power cord to the Therm-ic C-PACK batteries

Caution: Before each cleaning, unplug the charger from the socket.

Technical characteristics
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  • Technology

    Ultra Warm

  • Activities


  • Store batteries in a cool place (5°/41°F to 20°/68°F)
  • Batteries should be half charged before storage
  • Deactivate batteries before storage
  • Clean the batteries with a soft cloth slightly dampened with a mild detergent
  • Caution: Before each cleaning, unplug the charger from the socket.