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C-Pack battery protection - Rubber C-Pack

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Discover this black rubber battery cover, with glossy finition, specially designed to protect our heated insole batteries! It has a double function: anti-shock and protection against bad weather. The life of your batteries will be extended.

SKU : T41-0901-005

This Rubber C-Pack serves as a protective shell for our C-Pack batteries: C-Pack 1300, C-Pack 1300 B, C-Pack 1700 B. They will be protected in cold, rainy and wet weather or against shocks in the case of a fall.

This battery protector is both flexible and durable. Its rubber material is soft enough to be handled easily and fits perfectly to the shape of our C-Pack batteries.

It will also help to get the battery working faster because of its extra protection against the cold.

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    C-Pack Batteries

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    Batteries & heating accessories

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