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Shoe dryer - UV Pods

Compact shoe dryer

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The smallest shoe dryer in the range. Slip it into your bag and quickly dry your shoes and gloves after enjoying your activity to the full.

SKU : T48-0500-001

The UV Pods dryer includes ventilation and UV lamps to provide fast drying for your gloves and shoes after your various activities. Compact and lightweight, it won't take up space in your bag and will prove your chief ally against wet shoes or gloves.

Its USB plug allows you to it connect easily to any outlet (not included).

  • COMPACT: its small round shape means it doesn't take up space
  • VERSATILE: fits into all types of shoes and gloves

It has been specifically designed to protect the materials of your products, and it automatically regulates itself when the heat is too high in an enclosed space.

The heat is very gentle, so you will hardly feel it when you touch the actual shoe dryer.

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