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Replacement battery for heated socks - S-Pack 700B

Spare part

Replacement battery

For heated socks

Up to 8 hours of heat


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The slim and compact S-Pack 700B battery are compatible with our Therm-ic Powersocks. Bluetooth technology allows you to remotely manage your heat level via your smartphone. Up to 8 hours of heat. Sold individually.

SKU : T41-0902-002

The S-Pack 700B battery has a maximum autonomy of 8 hours and is controllable via your smartphone thanks to Bluetooth technology. It has three different intensity levels, allowing the user to adjust the level of heat to suit their needs.

Sold individually. Easily adaptable to compatible heated socks to provide constant heating during winter outdoor activities.

In a nutshell

  • Sold individually
  • Controllable via Bluetooth on your smartphone
  • Heating time level 1: up to 8 hours
  • Heating time level 2: up to 5 hours
  • Heating time level 3: up to 2 hours
  • S-Pack batteries are compatible with Therm-ic Powersocks
  • Charging cable not included

List of compatible heated socks

The S-Pack 700B battery is designed to be used with our Therm-ic heated ski and outdoor socks. Here is the list (from the oldest to the newest):

Heated ski socks :


*If you're looking for batteries for the Ultra Warm S.E.T® heating socks, we recommend the S-Pack 1400B batteries.

Outdoor Heated Socks :

Technical characteristics
  • Heating time


  • Colors


  • Connected


  • Charging time


  • Type

    Batteries & heating accessories

  • Activities


  • Store batteries in a cool place (5°/41°F to 20°/68°F)
  • Batteries should be half charged before storage
  • Disconnect batteries from socks before storage/cleaning
  • Clean the batteries with a soft cloth slightly dampened with a mild detergent