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Power Strap Adapter for ski boots

Power strap adapter

Battery mounting

C-Pack compatible

SmartPacks compatible

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Fastening device for attaching batteries to boots. It simply inserts into the velcro fastener of the ski boot and will hold the battery securely.

SKU : T01-2100-012

The battery clip was designed for the older Smartpack batteries. However, it can be used with the new C-Pack batteries if you purchase the Wire Clip (a different clip is supplied with the new batteries).

Instructions of use

Here are the 5 steps to follow, in pictures :

1- Place the device on the Velcro fastener of your ski boot or any other Velcro Strap to add to all type of boots.

2- Close by pushing hard.

3- Insert the battery clip (upper part at the + sign) horizontally into the upper slot of the device.

4- Fold the battery so that the device is inserted into the battery clip; the notch must be between the two signs (+/-).

5- Turn the battery downwards so that it is positioned and fixed vertically.

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