Second Hand

Second Hand

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At Therm-ic we are committed to the planet! Every year some batteries and products remain in stock or are returned to us by our customers. In order to give them a new lease of life we have decided to upgrade these batteries and products so that our customers can equip themselves at a lower price but also to avoid overproducing batteries while reducing our CO2 consumption.

To do this we have set up a second-hand process in our warehouses in France:

After identification, verification, certification and refurbishment, we put the batteries back on the market to give them a second life. All our second-hand batteries offer the same autonomy as new batteries.
Each battery and product is identified by three grades of reconditioning: Like new, very good and good condition. Depending on the grade, the price is degressive.

For each grade, a warranty is associated:

  • Like new: 2 years warranty
  • Very good condition: 1 year warranty
  • Good condition: 6 months warranty

If the product does not work or does not work properly, we can exchange it within the warranty period (date of purchase on our website).


Each product passes through the hands of our Therm-ic experts in our logistics warehouse in France. The batteries undergo several tests to determine whether or not the batteries are still viable. Depending on the year of production, the batteries are graded (see table below):


Good condition

Very good condition

Like new

Year of production

2017 / 2018 /2019




6 months

1 year

2 years

The batteries, whether they are from 2016 or 2020, are all tested and certified in order to be able to offer an autonomy close to a new battery. Second hand products are delivered in a small eco-friendly linen pouch. All batteries are delivered with a USB charging cable (the mains plug is not included).

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