Therm-ic inside: the dream team partnering with many brands

Long-lasting cold is always unpleasant. Especially if you want to enjoy the activity you are doing. That is why Therm-ic helps as many people as possible to gain warmth and well-being. Over the years, the company has cooperated with a considerable number of partners who have integrated their heating technology. "Therm-ic inside" can be found in the products of leading ski brands like Rossignol, Tecnica and K2. Snowboard fans will also have all the benefits of warm feet in Nitro and K2 models. The technology ensures pleasant and individually adapted warmth and comfort – for unrestricted enjoyment, no matter how long you want to stay outside in the cold.

ROSSIGNOL Ski boots with Therm-ic Inside

TECNICA Ski boots with Therm-ic Inside

NITRO Snowboard Boots with Therm-ic Inside

K2 Ski boots with Therm-ic Inside

From autumn 2019, "Therm-ic inside" will also be available for urban lifestyles. The fashion brand Palladium will offer heated models, so that not only winter sport enthusiasts can enjoy permanently warm feet.

PALLADIUM Boots with Therm-ic Inside

Therm-ic also cooperates with partners in the professional sector. After all, there are a variety of jobs that are practiced outdoors and in any weather. Heat is essential for coordination, flexibility and movability. The Finnish manufacturer of work boots Sievi integrates Therm-ic as well as Elten, the big German brand for safety boots. For photographers waiting a long time for that perfect moment, Cooph even has a jacket with integrated heating from Therm-ic.

COOPH Vest with Therm-ic Inside

ELTEN Safety boots with Therm-ic Inside

SEVI Safety boots with Therm-ic Inside