Naturetexx® Plasma & Coolmax® Ecomade: 2 eco-responsible game changers

Therm-ic is recognised as the leader in heating products. For almost 50 years, we've been designing thermoregulation solutions to help you achieve great things and enjoy yourself, whether it's really hot or really cold. Comfort and performance are our business. Adventure and nature are our passion. Now, more than ever, nature is suffering. We see how vulnerable it is every day when we go out into the field. Aware of these ecological challenges, we are working to reduce our environmental impact. Out of conviction, not out of marketing interest.

Naturetexx® Plasma & Coolmax® Ecomade are two examples of this approach, helping us to play our part, simply and humbly.

Find out more about these two disruptive technologies, recently incorporated into our sock range and designed for greener textile & sports equipment.

""Through the two disruptive innovations of Naturetexx® Plasma & Coolmax® Ecomade, we aim to accelerate our commitment and transition towards more sustainable textiles and sports equipment.""


Our brand is run by men and women passionate about sport and the mountains. Skiers, hikers, cyclists, trail runners and joggers who, every day, notice the same thing you do. Nature is changing, and our planet is suffering.

This is why acting in a more environmentally friendly and responsible manner forms the core of our daily concerns.

Conscious that ecology is a popular theme in marketing discourse, we want to guard against 'greenwashing'. Communicating what we are doing to 'do our bit', without forgetting the work we still 'need to do better'.

The integration of Naturetexx® Plasma & Coolmax® Ecomade technologies into our sock ranges is therefore one of these concrete actions. Indeed, through these two disruptive innovations, we aim to accelerate our commitment and transition towards more sustainable textiles and sports equipment. This comes thanks to a more ecologically sound treatment of merino wool in the Naturetexx® Plasma range; and the use of recycled materials for Coolmax® Ecomade.

These two technologies also complement other initiatives within Sidas World, including the label Ecotech.

And so, while the comfort and performance of our products have always been our foundation, their eco friendliness and sustainability are now our course, our compass.


NATURETEXX® PLASMA: Eco-friendly Merino wool

What is it?

The Coolmax® Ecomade technology is a process that involves working the merino wool in a more responsible way than the traditional process that has made this natural fibre so successful until now, without altering its qualities. This means continuing to reap all the benefits of merino wool, which is particularly popular in the world of sport for its insulating properties, while limiting the impact of its use on the environment.

How does it work?

- First of all, you need to know that to be used in the composition of sports textiles, merino wool must first undergo a chemical-based treatment using chlorine. It is this chlorine-based treatment that ensures that your garments made from merino wool are then washable.

- This chemical treatment is harmful in two respects. It is bad for the planet and alters certain natural qualities of the merino wool.

- The Naturetexx® Plasma technology therefore proposes to ban the use of chlorine and instead favour a natural plasma based on air and electricity. This natural plasma means that treating merino wool will be effective for the entire life of the wool, over the long term.

Why is this a good idea for performance and the planet?

The benefits of Naturetexx® Plasma technology are various:

- The non-use of chlorine makes the processing of merino wool more environmentally friendly.

- Thanks to the plasma treatment, the fibres are cared for and can express their full potential. The natural properties of merino wool are therefore 100% preserved, including: insulation with optimal thermoregulation as well as breathability; softness that is very pleasant to the touch; and odour resistance.


- Plasma treatment works over the long term, permanently modifying the fibres. No more pilling socks or technical jumpers that shrink in the wash!

COOLMAX® ECOMADE: A sustainable breath of fresh air

What is it?

The Coolmax® Ecomade technology is a more ecological evolution of the world-famous technology developed a few years ago by Lycra®: Coolmax®. With its innovative polyester fibres, Coolmax® brought a breath of fresh air, in every sense of the word, to the world of sport and mountaineering. Renowned for its ultra-breathable properties, this technology is now available in an 100% eco-friendly composition, based on recycled materials.

How does it work?

Coolmax® Ecomade technology works in the same way as Coolmax®, in the pure tradition of technical sweat and moisture products, except that the composition has evolved. From now on, polyester fibres made from 100% textile waste or recycled plastic bottles will be used.

Why is this a good idea for performance and the planet?

Coolmax® Ecomade technology has been designed to meet a challenge: to develop technical textiles that provide perfect ventilation and heat management, while ensuring that these textiles are more sustainable and eco-friendly.


This way, Coolmax retains its properties. Thanks to its optimal moisture-wicking properties and maximum breathability, it maintains that pleasantly cool feeling during exercise and helps prevent overheating. But thanks to this composition of recycled materials, the CO2 emissions linked to the product are reduced by 25% compared to an article made of conventional polyester fibre.


We are gradually integrating Naturetexx® Plasma & Coolmax® Ecomade technologies into the heart of our ranges. They're now featured on the Trekking Temperate Cushion Crew high and lightweight hiking sock, which comes in two versions: for women and unisex.

Having these two technologies, in addition to Pure-ic® fibre, a high-performance biobased yarn, certainly makes the Trekking Temperate Cushion Crew the most durable, technical and comfortable hiking sock on the market.


The benefits of this hiking sock include:


- Its temperature regulation thanks to an innovative micro-channel system integrated into the structure of the sock to wick moisture to the outside.
- Its natural insulation and softness to the touch, thanks to its merino wool composition.
- Itsquick drying and anti-odour property thanks to the Pure-ic fibre.
- Its eco-friendliness due to it being composed of fibres made from recycled textile waste.
- Its protection pads strategically placed at the friction zones of the heel, toes and Achilles tendon!

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""While the comfort and performance of our products have always been our foundation, their eco friendliness and sustainability are now our course, our compass.""