How to maintain your heating batteries

Batteries are key to a heated product. Without batteries, heated socks, insoles and gloves cool down, and no longer provide the comfort you'd hoped for when skiing or hiking. That's why you need to take the utmost care of these batteries and maintain them with a few simple steps.

In fact, by applying these few maintenance tips, you can extend the life of your batteries from 150 to nearly 500 lifecycles! In other words, with this best practice for protecting them, you can triple the longevity and efficiency of your heating batteries. This is a financial gain for you and a (very) small green step for the planet.

5 tips about how to look after your batteries for heated socks, insoles, jackets and gloves are here! Also, as a bonus, we have a little shopping guide to help you choose the heating battery kit best suited to your activity, whether it's skiing, hiking or any other sporting or everyday activity.

""By applying these maintenance tips, you can extend the life of your heating batteries from 150 to almost 500 lifecycles! »


Taking care of your batteries means tripling their lifespan and ensuring that your heated socks, insoles, jackets and gloves retain the same level of performance and heating power over the long term. This advice covers the use, storage and cleaning of your batteries for heated socks or insoles.

Tip 1: Use your heating batteries frequently

It's a common misconception that not using your heating batteries will preserve them. That they will live the longest left at the bottom of a drawer. Think again! Exactly the opposite is true! A battery that does not go through its regular charge and discharge cycles will tend to die. (A bit like a sportsperson who is totally out of shape from not training...) So, use your batteries frequently, even when you don't need them as often.

Tip 2: Use the charger and adaptor supplied with your heating batteries

Using chargers, cords or adaptors that are not supplied with your heating batteries increases the risk of turning to inappropriate, overly powerful equipment that tends to ""burn out"" your battery's capacity.

Tip 3: Avoid prolonged charging

We've all left a battery to recharge for several days, even though it has long since reached 100%! Well, it's a bad habit that accelerates the deterioration of your heating batteries. From now on, when you're sure your battery is properly charged, just disconnect it!

Tip 4: Store your batteries properly

To store your batteries properly between uses, the protocol is very simple:

1/ First of all, disconnect the battery from the sock or heated insole to which it is attached. The heating coil must be separate.

2/ Next, charge it to half capacity.

3/ Then, turn it off.

4/ Finally, we recommend storing it in a cool, dry place (where the ambient temperature is between 5 and 20°C) and out of direct sunlight. In brief, remember that cold, heat and humidity are the worst enemies of a healthy heating battery.

At the end of winter, when you're getting ready to put your heating batteries away for several months, you need to follow the same advice. With even more attention given to the fact that your battery must be switched off but about 50% charged. There is no battery that deteriorates faster than a completely empty or completely full battery exposed to high temperatures.

""There is no battery that deteriorates faster than a completely empty or completely full battery exposed to high temperatures.""

Tip 5: Clean your batteries regularly using appropriate equipment

Your batteries are put to the test during long days of skiing or hiking. By the constant movement, but also by the conditions. Like all your sports equipment, they need to be cleaned carefully to ensure their long-term effectiveness! How? Simply use a delicate cloth very lightly moistened with a mild cleanser.


Here you'll find a short, simple but comprehensive buyers' guide to help you find the heating batteries best suited to you and your activity.

As an introduction, here are the features that set heating batteries apart:

- Their power, which determines their life but also their ability to quickly heat your socks, insoles, jackets and gloves.

- The number of heat levels they have. At Therm-ic, our batteries offer 3 different heat levels, so you can adjust the intensity to suit your needs and conditions.

- Bluetooth compatibility, which offers the ability to manage these heat levels remotely via a dedicated app on your smartphone.

- Whether they are new or reconditioned. These reconditioned batteries combine a heating system that remains ultra-efficient with a commitment to eco-responsibility that is modest, but significant. All our second-hand batteries are sold under warranty, reflecting the confidence we place in our reconditioning process.


The S-Pack 700: A slim, compact battery kit compatible with all our socks (product link). Maximum life of 8 hours for prolonged comfort and constant heating throughout your day of skiing or hiking.

The S-Pack 700 B: This battery for heated socks has the same features as the previous one, plus Bluetooth compatibility to manage the intensity of the heating remotely from a dedicated app on your mobile.

The S-Pack 1200: Our most popular and widely acclaimed heated sock battery kit. What's great about it? Its battery life of up to 14 hours and 3 heat levels.

The S-Pack 1400 B: The best-performing heating batteries on the market, with up to 16 hours of heating. This record-breaking life makes this battery perfect for multi-day adventures in the cold or expeditions in icy conditions.

To find the equivalent of these reconditioned heating batteries, for both financial and ecological gain, click here.


The C-Pack 1300: The benchmark in batteries for heated insoles. Your feet will stay warm during the 13 hours of battery life that this kit promises.

The C-Pack 1300 B: This battery for heated insoles has the same features as the previous one, plus Bluetooth compatibility to manage the intensity of the heating remotely from a dedicated app on your mobile.

The C-Pack 1700B: The must-have battery for heated insoles. Bluetooth compatibility, 3 heat levels and up to 17 hours of heat. Heated insole batteries ideal for long hiking or ski touring adventures, as well as very cold ski days.


The Ultra Heat Boost Kit:

Our heated gloves are supplied with batteries. But it is possible to optimise them with this additional battery kit which will boost their life but also the recharging speed (5.5 hours vs 8 hours for a fully charged battery). This piece of equipment becomes particularly relevant on the eve of an expedition in extreme conditions that are colder and wilder than usual; or simply when you need to change your batteries because the previous ones have just given up.

The Slim Universal Powerbank:

A powerful external battery to power your heated jacket. Thin and light, it proves imperceptible throughout the 11 hours of heating it offers for sport, the mountains or everyday use.