How do you choose & use a neck warmer?

The neck warmer, known variably as a buff, snood or neck warmer, is a sports accessory with infinite potential. This little piece of fabric, weighing just a few grams and costing just a few euros, can do great things - even perform miracles! Your super multi-use neck warmercan protect you not only from the cold, but also from the sun. It can be useful in the mountains or the desert, and save the day at -20°C or +30°C.

And at Therm-ic, we've yet to find a sport where a neck warmeris not useful. You may need a neck warmerfor running, a neck warmerfor trail running, a neck warmerfor skiing, a neck warmerfor cycling, for hiking, for climbing and even for fishing.... In short, yes, the neck warmerwrings the neck of preconceived ideas, with a simplicity and sobriety that goes against the grain of the ""arms race"" of some outdoor sports enthusiasts!

In this article, we teach you several techniques with a single neck warmer to discover the different ways to wear it: from the bandana to the safari flap by way of the scarf or mask.

""Be warned, you might be surprised, not to say shocked, to discover that you can do so much with a simple neck warmer! »


Be warned, you might be surprised, not to say shocked, to discover that you can do so much with a simple neck warmer! Whether it's to protect you from the cold or the sun, whether you're jogging, trail running, cycling, hiking or skiing, this miraculous little piece of fabric performs many functions... Discover all the ways to wear your neck warmer.

1/ The neck warmeras a classic warmer, to protect your throat from the cold or your neck from the sun.

2/ The neck warmer as a bandana, to hold those stubborn locks that get in the way when you play sport or to protect your ears from the cold.

3/ The neck warmer as a mask, to cover your eyes for a good night's sleep in a bivvy, in a tent, in a refuge...

4/ The neck warmer as a wrist towel, to mop your sweaty face. The promise of style for a little tennis player inspired by the finest hours of Roland-Garros.

5/ The neck warmer as an anti-sweat headband, to avoid being bothered by sweat dripping into your eyes when out in hot weather.

6/ The neck warmer as a bandana, to look like a cool adventurer.

7/ The neck warmer as a scarf, to keep the neck and nape of the neck warm, which are vital for the body's thermoregulation.

8/ The neck warmer as a hair elastic, also known as a ""scrunchy"", to create a ponytail.

9/ The neck warmer like a Saharan, when it's very hot and the sun is shining high in the sky, to protect you from sunstroke and keep your neck cool.

10/ The neck warmer as a full face mask, to protect your throat, mouth and nose from the wind, sand, cold or sun.

11/ The neck warmer as a balaclava, which serves as both a hood and a mask, revealing only your eyes.

12/ The neck warmer as a beanie, when on a winter trail, skiing or hiking.

Note that the neck warmer can also be used as a pillow cover, bag or pocket... These functions are particularly useful when you want to set off on a bivouac, with the minimum of equipment!


Now we've shown you the different ways you can wear our neck warmers, it's time to present the 4 models that make up our range.

They all share common features. At Therm-ic, with over 50 years expertise in thermoregulation of the body during exercise, we design thin, lightweight, resistant, breathable neck warmers that are incomparably soft to the touch. All our neck warmers also benefit from ecotech construction, meaning they are made from< strong>natural or recycled fibres, to be respectful of the natural world in which we expect they will then be used.

Finally, all our neck warmers come in both women's and men's sizes, demonstrating great versatility when it comes to maintaining a level of performance whatever the sport: running, cycling, skiing, trail riding, hiking, fishing, climbing, etc...

""We design neck warmers that are thin, light, resistant, breathable and incomparably soft to the touch.""

What they have in common is that they are technical, comfortable, versatile and eco-friendly neck warmers. Here are the specifics of each model, so you can buy the neck warmer that's right for you.


The neck warmer that shines in cold conditions, when it's between -5°C and 10°C.

The little plus of the 'TEMPERATE ULTRA LIGHT neck warmer '? : Its composition, which combines Merino wool and Lyocell, a material derived from wood pulp, for an extremely soft feel, perfect moisture management and an unrivalled sensation of warmth.


The lightweight, ultra-soft neck warmer that protects you from the cold.

The little plus of the 'TEMPERATE LIGHT neck warmer '? Its 96% Lyocell composition, a material derived from wood pulp which, in addition to being eco-responsible, provides effective thermoregulation in all conditions.


The most versatile lightweight, thin and breathable neck warmer on the market, ideal for cold or temperate conditions.

The little plus of the 'COOL LIGHT neck warmer '? : Its SPF50 UV protection factor to combine moisture management and protection from the sun's rays.

The little plus in the 'COOL LIGHT' neck warmer? : It comes in the colours of our ambassador Nims Dai, the star mountaineer who holds the record for climbing 14 peaks towering more than 8,000 m above sea level.


The ultralight, thin and breathable neck warmer, suitable for your outdoor adventures when it's hot and sunny.

The little plus of the 'COOL ULTRA LIGHT neck warmer '? It dries extremely quickly thanks to its recycled polyester composition. Its lightness, tipping the scales at a measly 130g, is also a strong argument!

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