5 good tips to survive winter with Raynaud's

We look at the effects of cold weather on health and how the human body responds sometimes: toes turn numb, cold hands, blue fingers... There is nothing strange in being cold in winter, except when it becomes really painful. Have you ever heard of Raynaud's?

What is Raynaud's phenomenon?

People with Raynaud's phenomenon or Raynaud's syndrome, which are two slightly different conditions, present a chronic disorder of the blood flow in the extremities of the body. This occurs when exposed to cold and more rarely in case of stress.

From few minutes to several hours, blood no longer circulates in the extremities of the body. These parts become suddenly white, cold, numb or eventually blue... It is uncomfortable but especially very painful when the sensations come back.

Skiing or hiking in winter with Raynaud's

Winter is a dreadful season for people with Raynaud's. Hands and feet tend to get cold more quickly than the rest of the body. You may fear going outside doing your activities in the cold. You can’t simply enjoy winter because of the painful sensations in the extremities of your body. What’s the solution to fight cold? First, you have to warm up your extremities. Let’s be clear: it’s possible to enjoy your outdoor sports activities without worrying about being cold.


Interview with Estelle, top influencer on Instagram

Estelle, athlete influencer on Instagram, answered our questions about Raynaud’s. Discover her tips to enjoy everyday life and sport with Raynaud’s.


For how long have you been suffering with Raynaud's?

""Most probably forever, as far as I can remember, my toes have always been blue-black and my hands white in winter! ""

What habit would you recommend to adopt every day to prevent from suffering during a crisis?

""I think there is no obvious solution to the crisis. The solution is to avoid being cold with good hand and feet protections.”

Can you describe a situation when Raynaud’s has been the most painful?

""Cold is extreme with altitude. And once you’re cold, it’s nearly impossible to warm even when moving.”

How do you adapt to mountain sport with Raynaud's?

""The quality of socks, shoes and gloves is worth the investment...""

Who did you turn to when you realize your suffered with Raynaud’s?

""My doctor and my family who also shares this syndrome.""

What would you recommend to people with Raynaud’s?

""Choosing high quality equipment and materials is essential and it is worth the price...""

How did Therm-ic products improve your daily life?

""These products have a long service life, they are comfortable and warm""

Which Therm-ic products are you using?

Ultra Heat Boost Gloves Women and Ultra Warm Comfort S.E.T® socks.”


5 good tips to stay active and warm in winter

How can I stop being cold when practicing in winter?

To enjoy winter activities in the snow and in the best conditions, discover the comfortable heating soles adapted to the morphology of your feet. Now it’s possible to ski without getting cold! The range of heating insoles offer up to 17h of warmth. Cross-country skiing, alpine skiing and hikes in winter will be a real pleasure again.

Forget about cold wearing warmer gloves

What if you don’t have to worry about cold anymore when you are out for a whole day skiing or hiking? Women's and Men's PowerGloves. Gloves offer the ultimate comfort and heating technology. It’s possible to adapt the gloves temperature according to your needs and the weather variations. It provides a unique heat for each finger. In addition, the long-life (up to 10 hours) lithium batteries are very light and powerful. Enjoy winter being warm!

Heating socks for hiking or skiing

People with Raynaud's can now practice an outdoor sport in winter. Heating socks with 3 heat levels that can be adjusted by the push of a button on the batteries. They are made to keep your feet warm during your sports activity. Your feet can breathe and enjoy up to 16 hours of heat. Heating socks combine the Therm-ic heating technology with high-tech materials. The heat transfer system ensures on each heating sock an optimal circulation of the heat, regardless the foot morphology.

Winter essentials to practice

Various reasonably priced accessories are available to warm your hand and feet. You will easily find specific mittens and socks that incorporate a warmer! And if you do not want to buy new gloves, nomad warmers are also available. They fit very easily in your gloves and shoes and they diffuse heat up to 8h (hand) and 6h (feet). Forget about cold this winter!

Alpine skiing will no longer be an option

Every winter it’s the same thing. You check the temperatures and you choose to ski or not to ski. Guess what, winter will not turn you into a snowman. You’re not the only one to fear cold and this is even worth if you are a Raynaud’s person. Today, the heating ski boots offer an ideal thermal comfort. It means more support and obviously heat for your feet, up to 19 hours of autonomy!

There are many other and to optimize your trips to the mountains. The cold will soon be an old memory. This year, Raynaud won’t come with you to winter holidays.