Light and tactile gloves

Therm-ic's Active Light Tech Gloves are the perfect fusion of technology, comfort and performance for demanding sportsmen and women. Carefully designed, these technical gloves offer an exceptional experience while meeting the specific needs of outdoor enthusiasts.

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Product benefits
  • Lightweight and breathable: Made from lightweight, breathable materials, these gloves feel light while allowing perspiration to escape efficiently. So you can stay focused on your performance, unhindered by moisture.

  • Touchscreen compatibility: Specific coatings on the thumb and index finger allow easy handling of touchscreens, giving you the freedom to stay connected without having to remove your gloves.

  • Optimum grip: The non-slip silicone palm provides an exceptional grip, whether you're holding your phone, sports equipment or anything else. Don't compromise your grip, even in wet conditions.

  • Sleek design: With a sleek design and long cuff, these gloves fit your hands perfectly, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit.

  • Versatile use: In addition to their stand-alone use, these thin gloves are also ideal as under-gloves, adding an extra layer of warmth in colder weather.

  • Nose wipe for optimum comfort: The little details make all the difference. The addition of a nose wipe provides extra comfort, allowing you to stay focused on your performance without being bothered by chafing.

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