Become a Therm-ic product tester

Become a Therm-ic product tester


Are you a seasoned sportsperson? A sportsperson looking for comfort in the cold? Or perhaps simply someone looking for a source of heat for your general day-to-day comfort?

We are looking for all kinds of people, sportspersons and non-sportspersons, men, women, people young and not so young who work in cold conditions, to help us develop our future products. 

Why carry out product tests?

Product testing is an essential stage in the product design and development process. Our product research and development teams need to test and trial the future products that will make up our forthcoming ranges. Every piece of feedback we get from tests enables us to continually improve the quality of our products and thus ensure they best meet the needs of our customers.

What will you have to do for these tests?

From amongst our panel of testers, we will select individuals who match as closely as possible the target profile for the product we need to test, basing our choices on the activities people are involved in and the frequency at which they carry them out.

If you're chosen to carry out at test, you will be tasked with testing the product during a given time period and while involved in a specifically defined activity. You will then be required to respond to a short questionnaire we will send you by email. You'll also be required to post a review of the product directly on the website at the end of the test.

Once the test has been carried out, you'll be allowed to keep the product, unless there are any issues with it that prevent this, and you'll also receive a voucher to spend on the website.

How to sign up?

You can sign up now by clicking the button below.Take your time: it's essential that we get answers to all the questions in the questionnaire.

When will be product test taking place?

We will be carrying out a number of product tests per year. We will select people from amongst our panel of testers whose profiles most closely match our products' target demographics. The chosen testers will receive a confirmation email when the test is launched.

Signing up via the form is in no way a guarantee that you will be chosen for the test.



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