Activities and hobbies keep you busy in the summer, but you’re more reluctant to go out when it’s cold. Therm-ic has designed a full range of heated products to keep you warm whilst skiing or during other outdoor winter activities.

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    Therm-ic has a full range of heated products for all of your winter sports activities. If you’ve gad enough of the cold, and you’ve been put off participating in sports in the winter then Therm-ic has a number of heated products that’ll help you to enjoy your day to the fullest, while remaining warm. Hiking, trails, cycling, horse riding, golf, sailing, fishing, mountaineering, skiing or just simply for your everyday activities, the range of Therm-ic heated products will meet all your needs and will provide the necessary heat to your body for flawless well-being while also reducing the risk of injury and increasing your athletic performance. So don’t delay, test the Therm-ic products and change your mind about the cold.

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