Improve the life of your products with Therm-ic accessories. You’ll find all our complementary products inIn our accessories sectioncategory, find all of our complementary products: chargers, batteries, fasteners, extension cables and spare parts. Improve the life of your products with Therm-ic accessories.

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    WithThanks to Therm-ic accessories you can optimisze your equipment, heated gloves, heated socks andor even heated insoles. Do youTake advantage of our Therm-ic accessory solutions, whether you need an extra pair of batteries to ensure go on a worry-free skiing holiday?,Or perhaps you’re looking for a couple of chargers or ora fastener to make it easier to clip your batteries to your ski boots? Check out our range of Therm-ic accessories and your problems will be solved!by having 2 battery adapters (holders) to simplify the attachment of the batteries to your ski bootsYou love your Therm-ic gloves and you’d like them to last for years - our rangeIn our accessories category, you can find many products to extend the life of your Therm-ic gloves and other products.of Therm-ic spare parts in our accessories section has everything you need to extend the life of your products.

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