Confidentiality rules



Therm-ic Heat Control application


Please find enclosed the confidentiality rules for the Therm-ic Heat Control application. We are committed to keeping you informed of the information we collect, why we collect it, and how it is used.


• The application is currently free and does not require you to login (username/password) to use it. We do not ask for any personal information.
• The application is connected to the therm-ic batteries via bluetooth, and informs the consumer if they are indeed connected to the heating products. This information is intended only to inform the consumer if the batteries are working properly. None of this information is stored or used.

• When the app is opened, it asks you to activate your GPS. This is simply for the purpose of displaying your current location and temperature of your location within the application. None of this information is stored or used.

• It is possible to take a picture when customising products. This picture will not be stored or used afterwards.

• These Confidentiality Rules may be changed. The installation and use of the application constitutes acceptance of these rules without restriction. Any changes to the confidentiality rules will be published on this page.

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