Outdoor UltraCool Linen Crew Lady

Ultra light high linen hiking sock - grey – purple

The Outdoor UltraCool Linen Crew Women Grey purple are ultra light hiking socks in linen suitable for warm weather. The new range of Therm-ic hiking socks combines technicality and aesthetics to best meet the needs of women. These purple grey high socks combine lightness, softness, naturalness and freshness, just like women!

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Product benefits

Outdoor UltraCool Linen Crew Women: The most refreshing high and natural outdoor sock

These women's hiking socks are perfect for women who want to protect their feet up to mid-calf on their outdoor trips and keep them cool and dry in their outdoor shoes despite the summer temperatures. Feet also need to be cool when it is very hot outside!

Linen, natural fibre                 

Outdoor UltraCool Linen Crew socks are made of high-tech linen and absorbent yarns with an innovative structure. Linen is a natural fibre with antistatic properties and is pleasant to wear because it is odourless, soft to the touch and breathable. It is a material that is very suitable for hot weather. Its use in combination with the incredibly light and elastic Pure-IC organic yarn makes the outdoor socks even more comfortable, soft and ultra-absorbent.

In addition to providing heel and toe protection, these socks create a cool, highly breathable, moisture-free environment. Thanks to the Moisture-Vent technology, the feet are perfectly ventilated without disturbing their balance. This way, the foot's natural stride is effectively supported.

    Pure-Ic - Biobased High Tech yarn  

Available in different sizes: 35/38 - 39/41 - 42/44 - 45/47

Technical characteristics

  1. Anti-moisture: micro-channel technology - moisture evaporation - thermoregulation
  2. Anti-odour: ecological treatment and odour reduction
  3. Natural: linen composition, breathable, soft, odourless and resistant fibre
  4. Breathable: Moisture-Vent technology - efficient evaporation of moisture from the arch to the sides of the foot
  5. Protections: Achilles tendon, heel and toe
  6. Ergonomically designed rib edges


  • 43% Polyamide
  • 24% Viscose
  • 22% Polypropylene
  • 8%   Linen
  • 3%   Elastane

Technical details 



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