Outdoor UltraCool Linen Ankle Lady

Ultra light mid-high linen hiking sock - grey – purple

The Outdoor UltraCool Linen Ankle Lady socks are ultra-light hiking socks made of linen. Therm-ic is committed to designing hiking socks that combine technicality and aesthetics especially for women. You will quickly fall under the spell of these mid-height socks, which are grey and purple and breathe lightness, softness, naturalness and freshness just like a woman!

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Product benefits

Outdoor UltraCool Linen Ankle Women: The most refreshing natural outdoor sock

These women's hiking socks are ideal for women who want to protect and cool their feet in outdoor shoes while hiking with their families. Feet also need to be cool in hot weather.

Linen, natural fibre               

Outdoor UltraCool Linen Ankle Therm-ic socks are the ideal choice for keeping feet cool and airy. They are made of high-tech linen and absorbent yarns with an innovative structure. As a result, they offer essential qualities in a comfortable, soft and ultra absorbent texture. Thanks to its smooth surface, linen is breathable, tearproof, antistatic and odourless. An ideal material to wear in warm weather. These outdoor socks also feature Pure-IC organic yarn, which is incredibly light, elastic and quick-drying.

In addition, the innovative Moisture-Vent technology provides ventilation and support for the foot in a cooling, highly breathable environment that wicks away moisture. Finally, the hot temperature that can build up in hiking boots during outdoor activities is regulated by a specific anti-moisture construction. A set of anti-moisture channels and small scattered pads act as a thermal regulator without altering the foot's balance and natural stride.

Pure-Ic - Biobased High Tech yarn    

Available in different sizes: 35/36 - 37/38 - 39/40 - 41/42

Technical characteristics

  1. Anti-humidity: System of climatic channels and a multitude of small pads for optimal thermal regulation.
  2. Anti-odour: Ecological treatment for refreshment and anti-odour
  3. Natural: Made of linen, a natural fibre: breathable, soft, odourless and tearproof. 
  4. Breathable: Ventilation and foot support thanks to the Moisture-Vent technology.  With each step, moist air is pumped out of the arch at the sides, allowing moisture to escape.
  5. Protections: in the Achilles tendon, heel and toes
  6. Ergonomically designed rib edge


  • 43% Polyamide
  • 24% Viscose
  • 22% Polypropylene
  • 8%   Linen
  • 3%   Elastane

Technical details 



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